JWF gym wear


What JWF means to me.

In 2017 I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that changed my life dramatically in an instant. Left with multiple life threating injuries it was my sheer determination, my relentless spirit and the thought of my kids not having a Dad that kept me alive. I had multiple fractures in my back and throughout my body that at the time had me paralyzed from the waist down.

From the very first day I got out after 3 months in hospital, I was calling the wheel chair taxi twice a day to take me to the gym and the mission to walk again had started.

18 months later, just as I said I would, I was walking with the aid of a leg brace and crutches and rode a motorcycle for the first time. 

Of course it hasn't been easy, mentally or physically nor have I got away unscathed. I will always carry those mental and physical scars. I now have paraplegia in my right leg, cant feel anything from the knee down on my right side, cant move my right foot and walk with the aid of a KAFO.  But I refuse to let any of those things define me. 


After years of very hard work and never giving up on myself, I am now back training and teaching Martial Arts full time and still making improvements every day. I have a long way to go but I have also come so far.

I said to myself, how can I give back? How can I share my story and encourage people that are in the same position I was in to never give up, to never take no for an answer, to see that no matter what the specialist might say that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself. So I decided to put my passion and experience to good use and start Juggernauts Warrior Fitness so I can work with and around people with injuries. I am a walking example that it IS POSSIBLE.



The Juggernaut is a nickname I have had for a very long time and It means a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force. I believe I have lived up to its  definition by over coming the odds I was given and I have a true Warrior spirit that I want to pass on to all the my fellow Warriors around the world.

I created the JWF range because I want to make something positive out of a situation so bad, so that all my fellow Warriors around the world that are lacking that motivation or might be going through a hard time no matter how big or small, can look at themselves in the mirror wearing my brand or look at my accessories sitting on the kitchen bench and think to themselves, you know what, if The Juggernaut can get up and get his arse to the gym or training after everything he has been through and still going through and has never given up, then so CAN I...

I am now a Disability and Mental Health Advocate and I have made it my personal mission to inspire, motivate and encourage as many people as I possibly can that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself.

I got through what I got through because I NEVER EVER told myself or anyone that I couldn't, and you can too. 

You are all WARRIORS and you can achieve anything. I believe in you so you should believe in yourself.

Yours sincerely



P.S - Your purchase is helping me help others.

JWF donates a huge 10% of its monthly profits to local Disability foundations and charities supporting the parts of the community that need it the most.